Candice McDaniel is a fitness coach and busy mama of 3 sweet kiddos. She takes her clients on a unique journey to find a fitness plan that works for their lifestyle. Her mission is to “help moms take control of their diet and exercise so they can lose weight, get fit, and live their happiest and healthiest life.”

I had the pleasure of working with Candice on the Launch of her eBook “Building Your Best You” which was designed to help busy moms create a fitness routine that fits into their busy lives.

Candice did an amazing job of designing her sales page, her email copy was on point, and she really had a good feel for her Sales Funnel Process (even though she didn’t know it.) It truly was a pleasure working with this beautiful mama! Let’s take a look at some of the process of launching her AMAZING new eBook: Building Your Best You

The Process – Nurture – Sequence Funnel

For this launch, we utilized a Nurture – Sequence Funnel. Candice already had a lead magnet that converts pretty well. Being that it was directly related to the nature of her eBook, we decided to put it to good use.

As I said before, she already had a pretty great sales page! However, she was lacking an opt-in page and I thought it would be a great opportunity to gain some extra sales right off the bat! I love how the page turned out! It’s short, sweet, to the point and the final puzzle piece to an awesome Sales Funnel!

Cant Forget to Track Those Conversions

Another service I ALWAYS offer my Sales Funnel clients is Conversion Tracking and/or Dashboard creation in Google Analytics. Tracking not only helps you visualize the journey each customer takes but guides you in knowing which part(s) of your funnel might need a little work!

With goal tracking and funnel visualization, Candice will be able to track her funnel success and know if any part of the funnel needs a bit of tweaking!

Question: Did we accomplish your launch goals?

Yes! I’m very happy to have everything taken care of. I also learned that it’s (launching a product) not as hard or as complicated as I thought it was. Once everything is broken down, it’s a lot simpler than it looks once it’s all together.

Photo Credit: Candice McDaniel

Question: What do you think is unique about what I can offer Clients?

You provide the confidence and support that people are lacking when they are getting ready for a (product) launch. Beyond just knowing what to do, you help put it all into place. Plus, the dashboard for Google Analytics is going to make it so that I can improve and refine my sales funnel going forward.

Check out Candice’s new eBook, Building Your Best You!